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Our Mission Statement

For the Long Run

Carpet Crown

A company of G.K. Flooring Inc. 

- Founded in 1997- 

- Performed over 30,000 successful installations- 

Here at G.K. Flooring Inc., we understand that every project is unique and each of our clients have specific needs. Being a full-service flooring company, our focus is geared towards detail and we see our installations from start to finish. We never outsource our projects to other companies. You can expect our exclusive G.K. Flooring Inc. technician crew to operate with the utmost respect and diligence, always operating within deadlines and timetables. Our in-office  and customer service staff are known to our clientele for their exceptional communication and attentiveness. 

Our mission is to satisfy each and every individual client's needs. If you are looking to G.K. Flooring Inc. for servicing, we will find a way to do the job exactly how you want it and within your timeline. Our prices are competitive and exact while maintaining quality in both service and materials. This is because our business model relies on volume and our success is accomplished through repeat business. What distinguishes us from our competitors is that we handle each project with full attention. We care about our clients, and we seek to establish long term relationships full of quality and mutual respect. Our motto is For the Long Run.

We cater towards all types of projects including: residential, property management, commercial, multi-unit, and newly constructed projects. We are a full- service flooring company, ranging from simple repairs to complex and detailed installations. We are capable of supplying and working with all types of flooring materials. 

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